About Us

Welcome to Voice of Comfort Church!

Voice of Comfort church started as an evangelistic out-reach initiative of a family set apart by God and burdened with task of evangelizing the world.
This out-reach started from Lagos Nigeria and was pioneered bythe Late Rev. Dr. Edward A Fapohunda snr.
Rev Dr. Fapohunda was an accomplished business tycoon and second generation preacher of the gospel.
He was the Chairman of the erstwhile Hillcrest Merchant Bank and the Rainbow Mortgage which metamorphosized into Global Bank in the mid-2000s and became part of the Access bank plc .
Dr. Fapohunda believed that his financial fortune was a unique calling and a deliberate assignment from God to use his substance to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
A task for which he went to the ends of the earth and spared no cost .
With his family and few friends as his team, he journeyed across rural Africa , holding benevolence initiatives, crusades and revival across Africa reaching the almost unreachable minority groups and ethnicities of Africa.

His message was comfort and healing for the Total-Man. He fed whole communities for several years , empowered families through business start-up, grants and scholarships and left churches, fellowship, Orphanages hospitals and schools every where he went!
Around the turn of the millenium the vision spread across other continents, as many of his Team members became itinerant minsters and evangelists to Europe and America.
This vision and evangelistic ministry later came to establish a church arm with 6 people in attendance at the first service in a sitting room in the city charlotte North Carolina USA.
With the blessing of God and the influence of this apostolic father the ministry began to spread to several nations and cities of Europe and America; with the head church now situated in London England and pastored by the son of the pioneer; Rev Michael Edwards Fapohunda.
The ministry has grown further and continued in the path of the Vision of the founder and has established several subsidiary organizations like the Mould-the-Future Orphanage; An initiative that takes care of Hiv- disadvantaged children and orphans in Nigeria , Lesotho, India and Palestine.
The institute of Strategic Business Management; An institute that focuses on professional and self-Development trainings particularly for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.
Black Women in Business; A non-governmental organizations that promotes and supports black women in business and promotes women to network and grow as entrepreneurs.
Hmichaels Publishing; A publishing outfit that publishes Christian and motivational publications.
Comfort Garden Estate; An Housing Estate being built over 30- acres of land in the Lagos Island metropolis that will serve over 700 families.