The Aggressive Prayers Of The Psalmist And The Prophetic Use Of Psalms




Prayer is not preparation for the battle, it is the battle. This is why the enemy will first take away the prayer life of any christian he wants to finish up.Once that prayer life is finished, all other things are easy.

If you notice that your prayer life is going down, know that the Holy Spirit is blowing an alarm indicating that there is a renewed battle against you. You must stand up and start fighting.Let it be clear to you that the flesh does not want to pray. It is not interested in it so, you have to force it.

The Imprecatory Psalms upon which this prayer book focuses can be confusing with their cries for vengeance upon Israel’s or the psalmist’s enemies. “Basically, we need to realize that calls for justice are absolutely right, and remind us how important God’s holiness and justice are. But secondly, we need to recognize that even though we as Christians need to pray these Psalms as longings for judgment , social justice and hatred against the ‘powers and principalities’; and we must not pray them directly against human beings or those who have committed social ills against us , but direct them against evil powers and spiritual enemies. Our prayer and fasting manual and theme this year is called Shiggaion. This is because it focuses a lot on the prayers from the psalms and the aggressive prayers of the psalmist.


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